Fire Shutter Door market price market again pressurized downward

- Jan 23, 2019-

Building regulations have a high standard of fire prevention data, taking the fire door as an example, it is divided into a, B and C grades according to the refractory function, while the plea to the special fireproof shutter door is higher, and its refractory limit must arrive more than three hours to qualify. 

The more common special fireproof shutter doors are also divided into aerosol type and evaporation type. Fireproof shutter curtain and the general steel shutter in the appearance is not the same. However, the center of the aerosol fireproof curtain is refractory steel pipe, the pipe is all over the pores, the steel pipe is also connected with the rubber hose, when the fire occurs, the water flows through the rubber pipe


    Heat will vaporize and absorb heat, play a flame retardant effect together has the effect of cooling. and evaporative type of special fireproof shutter door over the water pipe is located in the surface around the curtain, fire occurred when the water will erupt out, after evaporation to take away the heat, but also play the effect of flame retardant cooling. Each of the above two fireproof shutter has its own advantages and some defects. Because the steel pipe leaks in the air over a long period , assuming that once the outlet hole is blocked, the flame retardant function will be affected in the event of a fire. In addition, some of the hose is relatively simple aging, but also should be punctual to see. The strength of information technology is constantly manifested in the days, and now, wherever it is, there are these products that bring us a lot of information, where there are fires And how many people are injured, and how much is lost. We'll measure that through data science. Fire shutter door manufacturers take these as a lesson and supply our latecomers with a variety of effects.

17--Swinging type Wooden Fire Door(001)

Although manufacturers need to earn a profit, but also need to be invented by value. The loss of a fire is immeasurable, even if not to say that the environment brings pressure, but to say their own industry, that is also sweat ah, so we have to learn to protect themselves, whether it is their own personal safety, is still industrial safety,


    There is also a need for the environment to be given its share of responsibility. Let the fire shutter door manufacturers participate in your protection team, there will be unexpected results.


    In the present, a very large number of people have paid attention to it. Fire shutter door manufacturers for your happy Days to consider, for your safety supply guarantee.


    Now there are a lot of fire shutter door manufacturers and for manufacturers, they also have a certain difference, but also because they have these aspects of the different, so at the end of the quality of their products will have some differences, then what kind of different between them? The first is the fire shutter door manufacturers in their own integrity above has a certain different, for this product, the most important is its performance in good faith, assuming that a manufacturer in their own this aspect of the words, will be inferior, because this product will generally have a certain similarity in the appearance,


    But their function is very different. Only the arrival of their own integrity, will be real to produce products, as well as their own to reach in the strength of the plea, of course, for the strength of the performance, but also in many ways to reach their own in the technical plea, and then to reach their own in the equipment and other aspects of the plea. In the process of building the various construction things


    , friends can see very many relatively large doors, this time a lot of friends will feel the doubt. In fact, friends do not have to feel any doubt about this, friends can be very good to know the content of this aspect, this is the fireproof shutter door, with a very good fire protection effect. Many friends can not be very good to know the fireproof shutter door, so fire roll curtain manufacturers and friends to come to a very good understanding of this aspect of the content. So that friends can understand how good the product in the use of the fire to deter the launch of the characteristics, the specific use of planning is very extensive,


    It is worth a very good understanding of this content by each friend. and the specific classification of the product is also very complete, composite steel type, inorganic special, water jet mist and other varieties, friends can be very good to know the content of this aspect, so the use of the product effect is very good, and choose the time can be based on specific varieties to choose their own needs of the product.