Fire Resistant Glazing in Fire Rated Door

- Feb 19, 2020-

Usually the fire rated door set tested in BS or UL include the glazing vision panel. It is important to include the glazing system and glass fire rated while offering. Now we introduce the glazing.

Glazing shall be of sheet glass of selected quality and approved by the Engineer-In-Charge. These shall be free from flaws, scratches, cracks and any bubbles. The glass panes shall be so cut, that these fit slightly loosein the rebates of sashes. 

Frosted glass panels with frost face inside shall be used in windows and clerestories of toilets, baths. Glazing systems shall be capable of withstanding normal thermal movement, wind and impact loads without failure. 

Glazing for Vision Panel in Fire Rated Door 

Glass shall be min 90 mins fire rated conforming to relevant BS:476: part 22, UL listed or FM approved. 6mm thick borosilicate or other special substrate clear, non-wired, toughened float glass. 

The glass shall be compliant to Class A categoryto impact resistant to BS: 6206 Safety Glazing Material.

Glass shall be fixed with necessary beading so as to maintain the integrity of the shutter with respect to fire rating. Specification shall be as per approved vendor.