Fire Rated Door Asico Fire Core WFC30

- Feb 29, 2020-

Doors can play a pivotal role when it comes to, safely during fire accidents. Our fire rated wooden doors are manufactured by a unique process, using top quality fire rated core material from Asico and Halspan. They are aesthetically designed to offer an architectural appeal, and can be produced from a number of different species and panel configurations.

 Building regulations specify the requirements for doorsets to protect occupants for a minimum time, in different locations in the building, expressed in minutes, 30, 60, 90, or 120. As a manufacturer of fire rated doors, our design is evaluated by a UKAS accredited laboratory against a British Standard test. Exova BM TRADA’s Q-Mark International Fire Door Manufacture Scheme further ensures that the manufacturers’ systems meet the requirements and all the doorsets, covered by the certificate are fit for purpose. We manufacture the doors of different fire ratings to fit the particular construction project and code requirements.

 Asico WFC30 is an internal component or fabricated core based system for a range of standard door set items compliant with North American codes like NFPA252, ANSI UL 10(C), UBC 7-2 and CAN4 S104. In addition to its excellent performance in fire doors, Asico WFC30 is also used to make fire rated frames. Applied facings give a suitable surface for finishing with veneer, high pressure laminate or paint. 

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