The fire rated door benefits

- Jun 21, 2019-

Fitting fire-resistant doors in your home, office or school must surely be a no-brainer, they will save lives and property in the event of a fire.

When you consider the relationship between fire safety and wall construction there is one glaring safety issue that fire rated doors can address. Normal wall construction usually incorporates elements that provide some type of fire protection; whether that is drywall, plaster, or other types of insulation / material. These materials will actually retard the growth of the fire for a certain period of time. This allows for occupants to realize a fire is occurring and gives them time to plan and effectuate an escape from the building. Wall openings (doors and windows) are typically the least protected component of wall construction, and act as expressways for the fire to spread throughout the structure.

Fire rated doors are specifically engineered and constructed to provide high duration containment, so the fire (and resulting damage) stays compartmentalized instead of spreading throughout the structure. Most fire rated doors use glass, ceramic, or insulated metal, or a combination thereof, in order to provide an appropriate level of protection.


Asico Door could establish the barrier of fire resistance through our series of fire rated door. American UL listed wooden fire door rating 1/3hour, 3/4 hour, 1hour and 1-1/2 hour; American UL steel fire door fire rated 1hour, 1.5hour, 1hour and 3hour; BS476 Part 22 certified wooden fire door fire rated FD30,FD60,FD90,FD120. Would serve you at any time for any projects.