Fire doors make fire no longer terrible

- Jun 03, 2019-

Fire is an unpopular word. People invented various instruments to prevent it from happening, such as fire alarm, dry powder extinguisher and high pressure water gun. They really played an important role in extinguishing fire. However it still needs the participation of people. In the modern society where intelligence is not universal, the fire can not be eliminated actively. Instead of worrying about how to eliminate fires, it’s better to study how to prevent them potentially. Asico fire door in the market solved this problem very well.


ASICO fire doors comply to UL 10 (b), 10 (c), ASTM, NFPA; BS476 Part 22; EN-1634. Fire doors should prevent the flame from spreading with three basic requirements for fire resistance stability, integrity and thermal insulation. It is mainly used in Entrance rooms, Public area, stairwells in green passages, and vertical shafts. In addition to the function of the normal door, the fire door must also have the effect of fire spread and smoke diffusion. It is the first line of defense to protect people's lives in fire.


Asico fire door can be a single or double door, even with 3 or 4 slabs. Meanwhile, various hardware schedule is capable for a front door. The door can be hinged with ball bearing type, spring type, continuous hinge, floor spring. These hinges can provide different functions. After that, lets have a talk about self closing device. The common option for door closer is concealed and visible closer, and also some machinery equipment invented by DIY players. In a matter of fact, the most import function of a front door is leakproofness, hence weather stripping plays a pretty important role in this system. A full around strip is so much crucial for the gap in top head, jamb and bottom.

Meanwhile we could supply hollow metal door American UL listed rating 1.0hour, 1.5 hour, 2.0 hour, and 3.0 hour. All doors and hardwares are UL listed with certification. Send us your question, the remaining will be our respossibility.