How to better meet the demand to help the development of fire doors 2

- Feb 06, 2019-

With the improvement of the concept of consumer environmental protection, at present, wood door products can be environmental protection, has become the focus of current consumers. Many things today advocate environmental protection, environmental protection has become one of the important indicators to weigh the quality of life. Many people buy commercial housing is to invest, long vacancy period, decoration demand is not very large: and the occupancy rate of guaranteed housing is simply 100%, just live in the guarantee room, decoration and purchase of building materials supplies is necessary. And affordable housing prices let buyers thrifty down a local purchase expenses, this will be converted to a certain level of decoration acquisition force, to promote the market demand for home building materials products. Industry to carry out, manufacturers to carry out, Specification is the key, manufacturers have the normative ability to carry out. Splicing anti-theft door, fire doors, have strict country norms, its cost at a certain level can not be tightened, so relatively unlikely to blindly fight the price war.

31--Hollow Metal Fire Door witn Lourver(001)

The impact of the housing market on fire doors is very intuitive, every time the property market regulation policy out, will inevitably provoke the downstream fire door industry waves. In the usual commercial real estate rise of the situation, high-grade fire door advantage is obvious!


    From a long perspective, house prices landed into an increasingly rational range, all aspects of the policy of restricting speculation is becoming more and more perfect, more conducive to the lively real estate market,  "rigid demand " will promote the re-rise of volume, thus promoting the consumption of fire door products. Fire doors are known as the gates of life in building fire protection products, so they are constantly attracting attention. From the state of various cities in the country, fire doors are the most prominent category of fire production quality problems. Recently, some fires in China, especially in densely populated places, have formed a group of dead group injuries, The main reason is that the dispersion channel or safe exit fire door does not fit the rules of the request caused.