Fire Door basic knowledge and purchase Method!

- Feb 01, 2019-

The primary components of the fire doors include door fans, door frames, glass, door locks, handles, hinges and shutters.

21--1.5 hour Fire Rated Door(001)

    Fire doors are usually located in the following areas:


    (1) Close the scattered staircase leading to the walkway, close the elevator room and lead to the door leading to the walkway in the front room and front room.


    (2) cable wells, pipe wells, flue drains, garbage lanes and other vertical pipe wells to view the door.


    (3) Distinguish the fire protection partition, control the partition area of the firewall and fire wall on the door. When the building firewall or fire door has a difficult time, to use the fire shutter door replacement, together with the use of water curtain maintenance.


    (4) standards (such as gb50045-95 "high-rise civil building Design Fire protection standards") or design extra request fire, smoke-proof wall partition door.


    Classification of Fire Doors


    1, according to the fire resistance limit


    According to the fire resistance limit is not the same, the fire door is divided into a, B, c three grades, fire resistance limits are 1.3h (90min), 1h (60min) and 0.3h (30min), respectively.


    2, according to Raw materials According to the different raw materials, fire doors can also be divided into steel, wood, steel wood fire doors and glass fire doors. Wooden Fire door refers to the use of wood or wood products as door frames, door panels, skeletons, in the fan interior filled with non-flammable data, and with hardware parts composed of satisfactory refractory and stable parts,


    A door for integrity and thermal insulation requests. Steel fire door refers to the use of cold-rolled thin steel plate as door frame, door plate, skeleton, in the door inside the internal filling of non-combustible data, and with hardware parts composed of satisfactory fire-resistant stable parts, integrity and insulation requests of the gate. Glass fire doors are steel fire doors that thoroughly use fireproof glass as door


    3. By construction


    According to the number of door fans can be divided into single and double fans, according to the glass can be divided into glass and without glass, press the bright window can be divided into bright windows and without bright windows.


    In summary, fire doors can be roughly divided into eight categories: Single fan, double fan, single fan with glass, double fan with glass, single fan with bright window, double fan with bright window, single fan with glass with bright window, double fan with glass with bright window.


    Buying options Fire doors as the first effect of family fire prevention is particularly important, but when you buy residual fire doors, fire doors are no longer fireproof, what should you do? The fire protection part of our city to investigate and destroy a number of honeycomb paper instead of fireproof filling data residual fire door, in this fire crews introduced a few tips to buy excellent fire door tips. According to the rules,


    Wooden fire doors According to the fire resistance limit can be divided into Class A, grade B, Class C three categories, fire resistance limit requests are 90 minutes, 60 minutes and 30 minutes, and used to make wood fire doors of wood need to be boring and flame-retardant treatment, in the meantime, the use of hardware accessories is also necessary to fire hardware accessories.


    There are five great tricks to buy excellent fire doors: The first trick is to check the appearance, excellent steel  Fire Door welding firm, Welding point dispersion uniform, external appearance spraying flat lubrication, in the position of the rules should be symbol of goods, quality inspection qualified symbol and quality certification (recognition) qualified symbol. and qualified wooden fire door appearance should be intact, no breakage, appearance of clean light, no planer, Burr and hammer printing;


    The stitching should be tightly flat. The second trick is to the number, the shape of the qualified commodity should be less than or equal to the sample description of the shape scale, the fan thickness should be greater than or equal to the sample description of the fan thickness, the door frame side wall width should be greater than or equal to the sample description of the door frame wall width


    The thickness of the fireproof glass should be greater than the thickness of the fireproof glass in the sample description.


    The third trick is to look at the seal, qualified steel, wood fire door should be set up fire sealing strip, the seal should be straight, no arch, and there is a national inspection organization issued by the qualified inspection statement.


    The Class IV is an estimate of the weight, the quality of the fire door is usually heavier, and those very light fire door is certainly the quality of shoddy goods. The first trick is to check the certificate, Fire door is included in the type of recognition criteria of goods, goods in the sales before the demand for type inspection, usually the type of inspection statement are detailed description of the sample specifications, composition, information and photos of the goods, etc., in the actual procurement, the manufacturers need to obtain type inspection statements.