Fire Block Louvres Used for Fire Rated Door

- Dec 24, 2019-

Fire block louvres is designed to be used on fire rated doors to rooms that require ventilation. A standard louvre will allow ventilation but will also allow the passage of flames and smoke. but louvres will maitain the integrity of fire doors and prevent the spread of flames. 

Asico fire block louvres is an inverted split Y non-vision louvre, fabricated from 18 Gauage galvanized steel and grey primed. It is designed for doors of 44mm minimum thickness, and on steel doros it will be necessary to fit a reinforcing inverted channel at the bottom of the cut-out to suppport the intumescent block. 

Sizes Available ( Door Cutout)      

---Width x Height: 12" x 12"; 18"x12";  18"x18"; 24"x12"; 24"x24"


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