Fire Acceptance steel fire door qualified standard

- Jan 17, 2019-

 In the steel fire door in the fire inspection is mainly to observe, check the product certificate and site acceptance records. Check whether the steel fire door frame installation is firm, mounting position, opening direction is in line with the design requirements. Number of buried iron parts, position, Whether the laying and connection methods meet the design requirements. So what are the criteria and requirements for inspection?

12--Beech Veneer Wooden Fire Door

1. Check the basic items:


    Requirements: Close tight, flexible switch, invisible change, no inverted; soundproof door sealing good, automatic turn off sensitive. Excellent steel fire door: Close tight, flexible switch, no block, rebound, invisible and inverted; soundproof door sealing is good; steel fire door automatically shut down sensitive.


    2. Check the accessories section of the Steel fire door.


    Requirements: Complete accessories, strong installation, correct location, flexible and suitable opening and closing. Excellent steel fire door: Complete accessories, solid installation, correct location, right, flexible opening and closing, suitable for beautiful.


    3. Check the seam filling quality between the steel fireproof door frame and the wall.


    Requirements: Fill the full, embedded materials in line with the design requirements. Excellent steel fire door: Fill full and dense, surface leveling, embedded materials in line with the design requirements.


    4. Check the surface quality of the steel fire door.


    Requirements: surface flat, clean, no hemp points, pits, no rust, surface paint color is uniform. Excellent steel fire door: flat surface, clean, no scratches, no hemp points, pits, no rust; surface coating color uniform coating film glossy and beautiful Steel fire door is now widely used in a fire door, if the installation of steel fire door, in the event of fire, it can play a certain role in fire protection, can give our life and property to add a layer of protection, for life to increase some time, we can not underestimate this time, perhaps this is your fire to temporary survival of the protection, That is why the state produces such standards and norms, requiring that fire doors be installed in some places.