Asico UL Exterior Door General Specification

- Oct 17, 2019-


Part 1: GENERAL Scope: Subject to local building codes, this product is intended for use in: Single family dwelling interior applications. Multifamily dwelling, low-rise professional office, library and low rise motel interior applications. Exterior Door use industrial building and factory, hotel, and retail sales building interior applications.

Product Description: 1-3/4” side-hinged door systems manufactured by ASICO.

Door system components include: door panel, door frame, hinges.


Part 2: BASIC MATERIALS Door Panel: ASICO Flush doors shall be fabricated using loose lay up assembly that includes hardboard facings, wood stiles , and wood rails. Door facings are to be bonded to stiles and rails forming a 3-ply structural attachment.


Part 3: DELIVERY, STORAGE & HANDLING 3.1 Delivery: Reasonable care shall be exercised during shipping and handling in keeping with the decorative nature of product. 3.2 Storage & Protection: Store upright in a dry, well ventilated building or shelter at a constant temperature. Do not store in damp, freshly plastered, drywall or concrete areas until materials have completely dried. Doors should be stored at least 10’ away from any heat source to help prevent uneven drying. Doors must be sealed with an oil-based sealer or primer if stored for long periods.


Part 4: EXECUTION 4.1 Examination: Site verification of substrate conditions, which have been previously completed, are acceptable for the product installation instructions in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Verify that door frame openings are constructed plumb, true and level before beginning installation process. Select fasteners of adequate type, number and quality to perform the intended functions.

 4.2 Installation:  Installer shall be experienced in performing work required and shall be specialized in the installation of work similar to that required for this project. Comply with manufacturer’s product data, including product technical bulletins, product catalog installation instructions and product packaging instructions for installation.


Part 5: GENERAL PERFORMANCE 5.1 Acoustical Performance:  1-3/4” thick Flush door with wood veneer facings and corrugated cell core sound transmission class (STC) rating is 24. (See acoustical performance data for unit specific acoustical information.)