A brief introduction of ASICO commercial steel door

- Jan 13, 2021-

In residential, commercial and industrial markets, Asico offers a complete range of standard and custom commercial steel doors for new and retrofit building projects.


Commercial steel doors are constructed of steel sheets and are filled with specific materials such as kraft paper honeycomb, polyurethane or rockwool. For surface finish, normally doors are painted through powder coated finish, and there is a great variety of color options available.


Compared to other materials, commercial steel doors are considered to have better performance in strength and durability. Furthermore, steel doors are also easier to maintain and keep clean, and they can take much more violence than aluminum or wood doors do. They have the lowest average cost of any other materials as a result of their reliability and strength.


We only provide commercial steel doors that strictly conform to principles of ASTM A1008/A 1008/M CS Type B, ASTM A 1011/A 1011M CS Type B, UL 10(b), UL 10(c), ASTM E2074, NFPA 80 and NFPA 252. Asico is UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certified manufacturer of steel doors and frames.


If you are looking for single or double commercial steel doors of high quality, Asico Door is the company to consider for all your procurement plans.

commercial steel door frame

commercial hollow metal door leaf