Wooden Fire Rated Door for Hotel

Wooden Fire Rated Door for Hotel

ASICO DOOR Company – a business dedicated to manufacture of various doors, especially in providing fire door solutions. Wooden fire door has been flagship products of Asico.
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ASICO DOOR Company – a business dedicated to manufacture of various doors, especially in providing fire door solutions. Wooden fire door has been flagship products of Asico.


ASICO's wooden fire door has been popular in overseas markets since 2009 because of guaranteed product quality and superior service with satisfactory price.


UL fire wood door manufacturer Asico door

ASICO wooden fire doors infilled with high performance fire mineral core so the door retains its integrity from 30 mins up to 120 mins, depending on the class of fire. The designs of ASICO wooden fire door are involved in actual testing under Britain Standard 476 Part 22, BS EN 1634-1/2 which deals with methods of determination of resistance to fire non-load bearing element of construction by Chiltern International Fire Laboratory in UK.

The BS standard is developed and tested by the British Standard Institute (BSI). BSI is an international non-official institution, offering a comprehensive range of fire testing service with a worldwide reputation. Established in 1901, it was the first national standards body in the world. It is appointed by UK Government as the National Standards Body and represents UK interests at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electro technical Commission (IEC) and the European Standards Organizations (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI). BSI develops and revises British standards and promotes their implementation.

ASICO wood fire doors are mainly used to protect opening in exits, such as stairways, corridors, elevators, machine room tube wells, electric wells, etc., and also they are installed in fire barrier openings in order to protect the building and its residents from specific fire areas. Moreover, it can also be used in oil depots, theaters, dance halls and some residential houses.


  • noise insulation properties up to 38 dB

  • smoke control tightness excellent

  • single or double-leaf

  • wooden or steel door frame

  • finishing:

    1. natural or modified veneer

    2. choice of laminates

    3. painted to any colour from RAL

    4. two - colour painted finish 

asico door wood color finish


A.  All hotel room entrance door must have at least one approved key card entry electronic lock installed:

a)  The latch bolt must be latched

b)  The door lock must be reset after the guest has used it.

c)  Door locks must use a coded key card for each guest

d)  The door lock must have the master key and emergency key function

e)  Door locks must have audit/query function

f)  To open the latch bolt, the handle can only be operated by the handle, and the door can only be operated by the guest's key card.


B.  Self-closing Function

 All hotel room entrance door must be equipped self-closing function. It can be worked with hydraulic door closer (whatever it is concealed or mounted) or spring hinges.


C.  Hinges

   Hinges are a must part as well for a hotel entrance room door.  It can be used from size 4” x 3” x 3mm or 4.5” x 4.5” x 3.4mm.  There are available for ball bearing hinges or spring hinges. NRP also can be choose.  3 Hinges for door height less than 84” (included) and 4 hinges door less than 96”.


D.  Eye viewer

   The hotel room door is equipped with 180° eye viewer and there is cover inside for option. Sometimes, there will be installed two eye viewer with different height. For example: one locates 60” or 1500mm height from floor and another lower one locates 36” or 910mm height from floor.  The lower one maybe use for kids or disable people.


E.  Safety Chain

   Safety chain is also a must for a hotel entrance door. There are many types safety chains.


F.  Room Sign

   The hotel room sign indicates the room number located at corridor side. It can be location on the door slab or location on the wall of the door frame, 60” or 1500mm above the ground. Most of hotel matches with emphasis and standard lighting in the entrance recess of the hotel room.


G.  Emergency map

 There is a fire evacuation instruction map on the inside of the room door. . It should show in clear, uncovered part with treat with a fluorescent coating.


H.  Other option hardware

   There are also some option hardware for hotel room doors: Door stopper, Automatic bottom seals, Kick plate, etc.


Right now, some hotels room doors also match with face recognition or mobile control lock system. 

ASICO wooden fire door is characterized by lighter weight than steel. On the basis of good fireproof performance, strong sealing, sound insulation and heat preservation, the natural beauty of the wooden texture is preserved, so that the wooden fire door and the interior decoration are integrated.

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wood fire rated door manufacturer asico door



Wooden fire door installation requirements

1. The wooden fire door should be a swing door, which must be flexible and has its own function of closing.

2. The wooden fire door used for evacuation passages should have the function of being able to close immediately in the event of fire, and open in the direction of evacuation. It is not suitable to install locks and bolts.

3. Double or multiple wooden fire doors with spigots must be closed in sequence.

4. The door of the wooden fire door should be sealed with the door and the door should be sealed with a non-combustible material.

5. When the conditions are met, it is advisable to assemble the door leaf and the door frame, install all the hardware, and then install it in a complete set.

6. After the wooden fire door is made, the base oil (dry oil) should be brushed once to prevent moisture deformation.

7. Small hardware installation and application of wood screws, not to use nails instead.

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