Wooden Fire Rated Door for Hospital

ASICO offers full ranges of choices for fire-rated doors, including 30-minute fire-rated wood doors and mineral core solid doors with fire ratings up to 120-minute.
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Wooden Fire Rated Door for Hospital

ASICO offers full ranges of choices for fire-rated doors, including 30-minute fire-rated wood doors and mineral core solid doors with fire ratings up to 120-minute. ASICO fire doors have been designed to match other interior doors, so your fire-rated doors will blend seamlessly with all doors in each project. ASICO fire doors are available with 120-, 90-, 60- and 30-minute fire ratings. Learn more about your design options for these doors here:

These doors have been tested and evaluated for compliance with applicable requirements for the following standards.

●BS476 Part:22: 1987

●BM TRADA Q-mark approved

●BS EN1634-1

●FSC certified


ASICO wood fire door is being labeled both door slab and frame. The door and frame assemblies earn fire grade ranged 30 minutes ( 0.5 Hour ), 60 minutes ( 1 Hour), 90 minutes ( 1.5 hour) and 120 minutes ( 2 Hour).


ASICO BS standard Timber Fire Door Feature:

Door Thick:  45mm up to 64mm thickness according to different fire rating.

Max Size:  1200 x 2500mm including timber frame.  

Design:  Flush door slab available moulding design decoration on top.

Fire Door Core Thick: 1 1/2” (38mm). 

Two kinds of Fire Core:  

Fire rated Solid continuous particleboard core;ASICO mineral core.

Stile and Rail: 30 minutes to 60 minutes fire rating with min 2” solid wood or LVL; 90 minutes and 120 minutes fire rating with ASICO mineral board and hardwood lipping.

Outlay:  Min 1/8” (3mm) MDF or plywood;

Finished:  Primed, Stained veneered, Natural veneer, High Pressure Laminated Finished (HPL).

Intumescent strip: Required by all BS standard timber wood fire doors.

Cut ready: for hinge, lock set, automatic bottom seal, eye viewer, security door guard, etc.

Advantages of installing fire doors for hospitals:

Nowadays, installation of internal and external fire doors or fire resistant doors in hopitals offer major benefits in case of an emergency called fire hazards and are as follows:

  • Fire doors acts as a passive fire projection system for heathcare or hospital buildings

  • When fire breaks our, fire doors save precious lives and protect property

  • Fire doors control or diminish the spread of fire and smoke

  • Provide a safe passage away from the hospital through an exit door by blocking the spread of fire

A special performance for hospital wood door is ACOUSTIC. 

In a busy hospital or healthcenter envireonment that operates 24/7, internal acoustic doors play a vital part in preventing noise passing from one ward to another, improving the patient experience and creating an environment that supports a restful recovery. Acoustic-rated doors have been designed to provide a specific level of noise reduction, meanwhile providing the fire resistance function. Asico wood door achieves a combination of specifically anti-fire door cores and noise resistance through heavy-duty acoustic seals. 

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                           Hospital Room Door                      Hospital Passage Door                                        Health Center Entry Door

ASICO Door offers wood fire-rated doors with for interior and exterior usage. The highest-rated commercial doors with BS standard is 120-minute wood door series and 180-minute steel door series. ASICO Door will be pleasured to produce both for your projects.

Production On-site:

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