Oak Veneer Wooden Fire Door

Oak Veneer Wooden Fire Door

A fire rated doorset consists of a door leaf, door frame, with hardware such as closers, handles, locks, vision panels, louvers, and is defined under American UL 10C.
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A fire rated doorset consists of a door leaf, door frame, with hardware such as closers, handles, locks, vision panels, louvers, and is defined under American UL 10C.

Asico Door supplies a full range of fire rated wood door meeting:

• UL 10B, Fire Tests of Door Assemblies (neutral or negative pressure)

• UL 10C, Positive Fire Pressure Tests of Door Assemblies

• NFPA 252, Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies



Asico Oak Veneer Fire Door consists of components on the below:

--Asico WFC30

--Fire Overlay Board


--Oak wood veneer


Asico WFC30

The main characteristic of wooden fire door is our own fire core. Asico fire resistant chipboard is an internal component or fabricated core based system for a range of standard door set items compliant with North American codes like NFPA252, ANSI UL10C, UBC7-2, and CAN4 S104.

The board with sanded, fine surface and particularly screwable core. Suitable for industrial processing for interior decoration and doors, it can be refined with pater, melamine, laminate, veneer or directly painting.The board is heat and fire resistant and has low formaldehyde emission (E1 class). The board is used in particular in public buildings such as hospitals, airports, rest homes, theatres, hotels, etc. Asico Chipboard withstands extreme heat and fire, does not contribute to flame spread and has a smoke development comparable to natural wood.

Asico WFC30


Fire Overlay Board

--Density: Appro density of each thickness is 0.95-1. 10g/cm³,it can be adjusted in the production.

--Fireproof characteristic: A grade not combustible, only can be carbonized.

--Intensity of bending resistance when dry 18 Mpa.

--The shrinking rate when heated: 1.0%.

--Impact resistance: No crack, strip and run through.



They are made from wood fibres, which are bonded together with resin.

Oak Veneer

Quite possibly the most popular choice whenit comes to internal doors, oak internal doors are capable of matching perfectly with almost any decor theme, that is why we have such an immense selection of oak internal doors for you to choose from. You can be sure that you will be able to find an oak internal doors that will meet all of your requirements in our collection, with oak internal doors available from top door designers right here in our oak internal door collection at Asico Doors. 

Standard three oak veneers:

--Riftsawn Oak Veneer

 oak(rift sawn)

--Quartersawn Oak Veneer

oak (quartersawn)

--Plainsawn Oak Veneer

Plain sawn oak veneer

Door features:

--Maximum opening size: Singles: 4'0" x 10'0" (1219 x 3048mm).Pairs: 8'0" x 8'0" (2438 x 2438mm)

--Faces: All foreign and domestic species, medium density overlay (MDO) and most low sheet .050 thickness High Pressure    Decorative Laminates. Faces are a minimum of 1⁄5 0 " (0.5mm) at 12% moisture content.

--Stiles&Rails: 5⁄8" (16mm) Superstile with maple outer. Optional same species or plastic outer available. Top rail 1⁄4" (6.4mm). Bottom rail 11⁄16" (27mm).

--Maximum metal vision panel(visible glass):  To 100 sq. in. (0.065㎡) visible glass. 10" x 10", 8" x 12", 3" x 33", 5" x 20", 4" x 25", 6" x 16" sizes available. (254 x 254mm, 203 x 305mm, 76 x 838mm, 127 x 508mm, 102 x 635mm, 152 x 406mm sizes available.) Maximums: 12" (305mm) width, 33" (838mm) length. Minimum 5" (127mm) perimeter from cutout to top and sides or lock.

--Maximum louver size  (Not allowed with vision panel, exit devices, or smoke control doors)

24" x 24" (610 x 610mm) with 6" (152mm) perimeter at sides,10" (254mm) at bottom. Fusible link louvers only.

--Positive pressure: Singles and pairs require a category B edge seal.

--Intumescent: SG fire intumescent / smoke seals.

Asico fire doors provide fire rated and non fire rated pressed metal, timber jambs. All frames can be manufactured to specific project requirements. Metal rames are manufactured as a standard 1.4-1.6mm galvanized steel for fire rated frames and custom profiles and thickness are available on request. Various fixing are available to suit different wall types and building in requirements ie. Timber stud, metal stud, block and precast.

Asico UL fire door

Processing On-site:

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