Hotel Room Entrance Door

Hotel Room Entrance Door

Hotel Room Entry Door could be made kinds of design for good looking. Starred hotel would be matched Timber fire door to ensure customer’s safety and prevent any occurrence of fire.
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Hotel Room Entrance Door could be made kinds of design for good looking. Starred hotel would be matched Timber fire door to ensure customer’s safety and prevent any occurrence of fire.


ASICO Hotel Fire Entrance Door comply to Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standards and NFPA standards:

● UL 10B, Fire Tests of Door Assemblies (neutral or negative pressure)

● UL 10C, Positive Fire Pressure Tests of Door Assemblies

● NFPA 252, Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies

● BS476 Part 22, Standard British Fire Door tests


Mainly we introduce ASICO hotel room entrance door.


Usually ASICO door manufactures hotel entrance room door with nature wood veneer finish and PU painting that makes the surface texture more clear and beautiful. In the production process, most of the selected precious wood veneer is black walnut, cherry and teak. The price is different depending on the veneer and architectural process difference. Meanwhile high pressure laminate or HPL is also commonly used to press on both sides of door leaf. HPL is considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface materials. ASICO Door could supply a series of customized hotel door with American and European standards.

ASICO Hotel Fire Entrance Door Specifications

Door Thick: 1 3/4” (44.5mm)

Max Size: 4’0” x 10’0” for 20 minutes door slab.4’0” x 8’0” for 45 minutes door slab and up fire grade.

Design: Many panel design options for 20 minutes fire door slabs.

Fire Door Core Thick: 1 1/2” (38mm).  

Core: 20 minutes fire rating with Solid continuous particleboard core;45 minutes and up fire rating with ASICO mineral core.

Stile and Rail: 20 minutes fire rating with min 2” solid wood or LVL;45 minutes and up fire rating with ASICO mineral bonded and hardwood liping.

Outlay: 1/8” (3mm) MDF or plywood.

Intumescent strip: Required by 45 minutes fire rated door and up to 90 minutes rating.

Cut ready: For hinge, lock set, automatic bottom seal, eye viewer, security door latch, etc.

Asico UL wood fire door   manufacturer

A special performance for Asico Hotel Entrance Door is ACOUSTIC

In a busy hotel envireonment that operates 24/7, internal acoustic doors play a vital part in preventing noise passing from external to room, improving the guests experience and creating an environment that supports a quiet place. Acoustic-rated doors have been designed to provide a specific level of noise reduction, meanwhile providing the fire resistance function. Asico wood door achieves a combination of specifically anti-fire door cores and noise resistance through heavy-duty acoustic seals. 

More Characteristics for fire door slab as follow:

* 20 minutes fire rated door up to 112’’ height, others 96’’ height.

* Standard 1 3/4’’ thickness or exceeded.

* 20 minutes available in flush and paneled design, other flush only.

* Unfinished veneer, white primed, prepainted finish and HPL available.

* Standard fire rated vision panel available.

Asico panel door manufacturer

More options for surface finish:

-- natural or modified veneer

-- choice of laminates

-- painted to any colour from RAL

-- two - colour painted finish   



HPL finish

Standard Veneer 

asicofiredoor wood grain fire door

Production On-site:




The frame is usually hollow metal and composite wood while there are variety choices for surface, such as stained veneer, solid paint, HPL and even melamine. Whichever the finishing, we choose it in order to match interior decoration and ensure the visual beauty of hotel interior rooms. Therefore, people is hard to judge whether is the door is fire rated but in the position of hinge, usually, the manufacturer of doors will place a label to display the related information for fire rating. 


ASICO Hollow Metal Door Frame Features: 

* Maximum size up to 96’’ x 96’’

* Available in 16,14GA galvanized/galvanealed steel sheet.

* Prepainted, primed or wood grain transfer finish.

* Popular standard hinge position or customized.

* Standard mortised lock/knob lock/panic bar cutout available.

* Masonry/drywall anchor available.

* Available in different standard ‘’throat’’ such as 4 3/4’’, 5 3/4’’, 7’’ and etc.


ASICO Fire Rated Wood Frame:

                         wood jamb

ASICO hotel fire rated doors include many different doors according to different areas and functions. Like public area including reception, restaurants, meetings room, ballroom, Gym Room, toilet and spa area; also private area: bedrooms, bathroom, suites, corridors and management office, etc. Also another type of connecting room door is commonly used in the executive suites room. 

Hotel Room Entry door design and hardware requirements:

UL fire wood door manufacturer Asico door

A.  Hotel Room door size

The hotel room door standard width is 36” or 915mm. Height can be 80” (2032mm), 84” (2134mm) or 96” (2338mm) etc. Hotel room door has a thickness of not less than 1 3/4” or 44.5mm. 

For special hotel room door used for disable people can be big accordingly.   


B.  Hotel Room Door function

The hotel room door should be with minimum 20 minutes fire rating function, of course, it can also with 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes fire rating grade according to UL standard, BS 476 standard or EN 1634.

The sound insulation and smoke proof effect are also importance.


C.  All hotel room entrance door must have at least one approved key card entry electronic lock installed:


D.  Self-closing Function

All hotel room entrance door must be equipped self-closing function. It can be worked with hydraulic door closer (whatever it is concealed or mounted) or spring hinges.


E.  Hinges

Hinges are a must part as well for a hotel entrance room door.  It can be used from size 4” x 3” x 3mm or 4.5” x 4.5” x 3.4mm.  There are available for ball bearing hinges or spring hinges. 


F.  Eye viewer

The hotel room door is equipped with 180° eye viewer and there is cover inside for option. Sometimes, there will be installed two eye viewer with different height.  The lower one maybe use for kids or disable people.


G.  Safety Chain

Safety chain is also a must for a hotel entrance door. There are many types safety chains.


H.  Room Sign

The hotel room sign indicates the room number located at corridor side. It can be location on the door slab or location on the wall of the door frame, 60” or 1500mm above the ground. 


I.  Emergency map

There is a fire evacuation instruction map on the inside of the room door. . It should show in clear, uncovered part with treat with a fluorescent coating.


J.  Other option hardware

There are also some option hardware for hotel room doors: Door stopper, Automatic bottom seals, Kick plate, etc.


Right now, some hotels room doors also match with face recognition or mobile control lock system. 

Hotel Project Doors Overview:

white primed  interior door

hotel fire proof door

commercial doors

inn fire door

fire rated inn doors

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