Steel Fire Door with Hardware

Steel Fire Door with Hardware

When a fire starts, it is most important to evacuate the people safely from the building. After evacuation, the doors must serve as a fire and smoke barrier.
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Steel Fire Door with Hardware

When a fire starts, it is most important to evacuate the people safely from the building. After evacuation, the doors must serve as a fire and smoke barrier. It is a well-known fact, that in a fire more people are killed by either smoke asphyxiation or by panic, than by the fire.

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Doors can play a pivotal role when it comes to, safely during fire accidents. ASICO Steel Doors combine Fire Resistance with door functionality without compromising any aspect of both the requirements.Our fire rated doors are tested and listed in strict compliance with provisions of NFPA80, NFPA252, ASTM E2074, UBC 7-2-1997 and UL 10B&10C.




Asico Fire Door Details:


--18-16- or14-gauge face sheets of commercial grade cold rolled steel.

--18-16- or 14-gauge face sheets of commercial grade galvanized steel.



Custom sizes available; contact our technical department to know more about maximum available sizes for fire rated doors.


Fire rating

60, 90, up to 180minutes, positive pressure.



--Honey comb core

Insulated honey comb core provides extreme rigidity and one of the highest flatness levels.This bonded to the face sheets with fire rated adhesive.



                                            Recommended use:

a. Interior applications

       b. Residential applications

         c. Commercial applications

                                              d. Labour camps

                                              e. Warehouse

     f. Government buildings

--Mineral Rockwool or Polystyrene Core

Mineral Rockwool or Polystyrene Core provide highest thermal, insulation and impact resistance. This bonded to the face sheets with fire rated adhesive. 

Recommended Use

A. High impact applications

B. Frequent use applications

C. Utility Buildings

D. Commercial towers

E. Educational institutions

F. Health care center



  • · Top and bottom of doors shall be reinforced with continuous 16-gauge steel channels, spot welded to both sides of doors.

  • · Hinge reinforcements shall be 11-gauge steel angle, 12" long.

  • · Cylindrical lock reinforcement shall be 16-gauge with 11-gauge thread depth. Other lock and closer reinforcements shall be 12-gauge.

  • · Doors shall be reinforced for all surface type hardware. Drilling and tapping of surface hardware to be done in the field by the erector.

  • · Edges of door shall be continuously seam welded, ground, and filled to ensure a smooth finish.


We can match almost any finish or create a custom look. Your options are endless.

Fire resistant doors may be primed and completely covered with oil based paint, epoxy paint, powder coated, wood grain finished. Stainless steel finishes are also available.



Two tested locksets and a heavy duty door closer come standard with this door, however operating hardware is available in all standard builders’ finishes. Mortise or cylindrical locksets, exit devices, and security hardware are the basic options.

Hardware  Options ASICO fire   door manufacturer_副本


Fire doors with glass lites

A. Reinforcement channel is provided.

B. Glass frame and glazing bead is steel.

C. Glass is UL listed glazing material.

D. Maximum allowable glass area: 3 Hours, 100 sq. in. Per door leaf (Fire lite)


Fire doors with bottom louvers

A. Door may be furnished with louver installed at door manufacturer’s plant or cutout reinforced  and labeled for field installation.

B. Louvers can be furnished in 1-3/4” thick doors.

C. Only one louver per door leaf. Maximum louver size is 24” x 24”.

Louvers can be installed in doors with fire exit device hardware at factory. 

Fire door mould


Processing On-site: 


Q1.How could I know your quality clearly?
A: Besides complete self-checking quality system, any third party QC organization is acceptable for us.

Q2:What have you got to prove us your product characters?
A:Sometimes word is so pale. To avoid this moment we have obtained certificate of American UL, British BM TRADA and passed Chiltern Lab and UL test.

Q3: Can I get free samples?
A: Free samples are always available if you are willing pay the express charge.

Q4: What are the terms of payment in your formal trade?
A: Usually, T/T 50% deposit to start production, the balance paid before shipping.

Q5: What is your delivery date?
A: It depends. Normally, 25-40 days after received the deposit and confirmed all the details.

Q6: I am a house owner, can I get the wanted doors here?
A: Of course yes, we'd love to produce end-user design and serve as door-to-door.


Packaging & Delivery

Asico door packaging&delivery

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