Custom Fire Door

Custom Fire Door

Custom fire door is one of the main products of ASICO DOOR.
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Custom fire door is one of the main products of ASICO DOOR.


The production process of steel fire door and door frame is as follows:


Door frame: Steel cutting, punching, bending, welding, plastic spraying, assembly, installation, inspection, completion.


Door leaf: Steel cutting, punching, bending, point fitting, plastic spraying, filling and pressing, assembly, inspection, packaging, completion.


Custom fire doors can be started from the following perspectives:


1. The size is optional: The normal size is 3'0 '' X7'0 '' and the maximum size is 4'0 '' X8'0 ''


2. Optional style: single door, double door, unequal double door


3. Fire protection time: 30min, 60min, 90min, 120min, 180min


4. Internal materials: rock wool, honeycomb, and polyurethane


5. Spray color: primed, powder coated with ral color


6. Hardware option and required functions: select the suitable hardware according to different requirements.

For example: automatic closing function is required, which can be equipped with spring hinge and automatic door closer. If the customized double door needs to decide the opening sequence of the door, it can be equipped with a door coordinator. The electric magnetic door stopper has the function of keeping the fire door normally open and closing automatically in case of fire.


7. Certificate: fire doors are different from other types of doors. Their fire resistance is related to the safety of people's life and property. Therefore, the manufacturer with professional certification must be selected when selecting fire doors.

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