Commercial Hollow Metal Door

Commercial Hollow Metal Door

ASICO door is dedicated to the manufacture of various doors, especially solutions for providing commercial hollow metal doors. ASICO door's hollow metal door is one of the flagship products, and ASICO door's hollow metal door meets US UL standards.
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Product Details

ASICO door is dedicated to the manufacture of various doors, especially solutions for providing commercial hollow metal doors. ASICO door's hollow metal door is one of the flagship products, and ASICO door's hollow metal door meets US UL standards.


Standard & Certification

  **Tested to UL 10(B) & UL 10(C) and confirming to NFPA and ASTM


Asico Hollow Metal Door Specifications

▷ Available in galvanized or stainless steel.

▷ ASICO doors with UL fire resistance available in 20 Ga. 18 Ga. 16 Ga

▷ Each fire door has a label attached indicating the fire test rating.

▷ UL labeled doors for 60, 90, 180 minutes.

▷ Core option: Honeycomb kraft core, steel stiffened, Polyurethane core.

▷ Clear vision panel for up to 180 minutes.

▷ Factory prepared to receive all hardware.

▷ Available in single & double doors. Size: Single 4’0” x 8’0”; double 8’0” x 8’0”

▷ Available in primed, paint and wood grain finish.

▷ ASICO provides full set of UL listed hardware.

▷ Every assembly configuration such as transom panel, louver, vision panel, frame material, thickness of metal, leaf 

    construction, core type, door set type (single, double or double egress), etc., is covered by the UL certified.

▷ Hardware reinforcements features

  ◇11 Ga. for hinge

  ◇12 Ga. for door closer and door holder

  ◇16 Ga. for lock / panic push bar

More Features

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Hollow Metal Frame


ASICO Metal Frame is manufactured from galvanized steel conforming to ASTM A1008/A 1008/M CS Type B, ASTM A 1011/A 1011M CS Type B and fire rated tested under UL 10 (b), UL 10 (c), ASTM E2074, NFPA 80, NFPA 252.


ASICO Metal Frame product is constructed with regard to joint designs and welding techniques or Knock down 3pcs frames (KD structure including strike jamb, hinge jamb and head). Prior to shipment mark frame product with an identification number as shown on approved submittal drawings.

KD Frame:

A KD or Knocked Down hollow metal frame (slip-on frame) is used for interior applications and comes in 3 pieces (strike jamb, hinge jamb and head). The KD metal door frame is designed to be installed after the stud wall has been built and drywall applied, as it wraps the wall. For use with metal or wood doors. 

frames have rigidly interlocked frame joints so as to maintain alignment and assure performance of completed frames when field assembled. These frames can consist of either single rabbet or double rabbet profiles.

KD frame

Welded Frame:

Generally it has two options of face welding and a full profile welded frame.


Face Welded: The joint between the head and jamb faces shall be completely arc welded along their length either internally or externally. The remaining elements of the frame profile, i.e., soffit, stops, rabbets, are not welded. Face joints shall be ground and finished smooth with no visible seam. Face joints at meeting mullions or between mullionsand other frame members shall be completely arc welded externally, ground, and finished smooth.

welded frame      

Full Profile Welded: Also called continuously welded or fully welded. The comer/perimeter joints have all elements of the frame member continuously welded including soffits, stops, rabbet, faces, and returns. 


Three types of common ASICO metal frames to match different options anchors.


three kinds of frame type



More details for ASICO metal frames

*  Frame steel thickness: 18 gauge (1.2mm), 16 gauge (1.5mm), 14 Gauge (2.0mm)

*  Throat depth available:  4 3/4” - 10 1/4”.

*  Standard height of stops shall be 0.625 in. (15.8 mm)

*  Factory applied baked-on rust inhibiting primer or Prefinished.

*  Cut ready opening is prepared for single stud, door silencers, three per strike jamb for single door openings, two per head for pairs, except on gasketed or weather stripped frame product. Silencers shall be supplied and installed by others.

*  ASICO Frame product is mortised, reinforced, drilled and tapped at the factory for templated hardware or in accordance  with the approved hardware schedule and templates provided by the hardware supplier.

*  Hardware reinforcing ready for full mortised hinges and pivots, strikes, flush bolts, closer, hold open arms, and other  surface applied hardware.

*  Fire rated unique label 1 hour, 1.5 hour, 2 hours up to 3 hours.

More option on hardware

--Fire Rated Hinge :  Ball bearing hinge 4 1/2 * 4 1/2; Spring Hinge 4 1/2 * 4 1/2.

--Lock set: deadlock, panic exist push bar or mortise lock with different functions.

--Lite frame for vision panel with many sizes. Grade A fire rated door with max size 100 Square inches.

--Fire rated adjustable fusible louver can be installed as well.

--Miscellaneous hardware: threshold, weather strip, flush bolt, push plate, pull plate, kick plate, kick down door holder, electric lock plate, door coordinator, etc.

--Metal frame available: masonry wall frame, dry wall frame, adjustable frame with different throat thickness. Matching  different anchors available.

hardware 1

hardware 2

ASICO Vision Lite Frame 

Asico metal louver supplier asico group

ASICO "Y" Blade Louvers



Sizes Available ( Door Cutout)      

---Width x Height: 12" x 12"; 18"x12";  18"x18"; 24"x12"; 24"x24"


More Options on Door Type

asico door panel design  supplier


a. Interior applications      

b. Residential applications 

c. Commercial applications

d. Labour camps

e. Warehouse

f.  Government buildings 

ASICO Factory Overview

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